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- Application for the program to ABU

- Application to the host university

Application for the program to ABU

Students must meet the minimum criteria before applying to Swiss Mobility Program;

Students are required to apply online at ABU website.
Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 2.50 CGPA and have completed 1 regular semester. Erasmus + Mobility Program is especially offered for 2nd or 3rd year students.
Weighted score for selection will be evaluated as: 50% of English proficiency +  50% of CGPA.
All students must provide ABU English Language Exam  minimum score of 70
Interview will be made after the avarage of Exam results and CGPA.

2.Application to the host university

After the students get nominated and results are published on website, IPO informs the host university with the name of  the students.
Universities langague of instruction can be in German and French. Please don’t forget to check it.