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Early return: Erasmus+ Studies has a minimum of 3 months / 1 semester to maximum of 12 months. Those who cannot fulfill minimum time period due to any reason unstated must return back whole amount of grant.

Early return: Internship must continue for a minimum of 2 months.  This minimum term cannot be reduced save for extenuating circumstances.  If the actual term of internship is below the minimum term, no grant is paid, the student is reported as having received no grant, and becomes ineligible for another internship. 

If the student returns early due to extenuating circumstances (family issues, health issues, natural disasters, etc.), only grant of the time period which spent abroad would paid to the student.

Study in own country: Lowest priority will be given to students who are currently studying in Turkey and are selected for their home country for Erasmus + Mobility program.

Payment: You will receive 80% of it before you start your exchange program. You will receive the final 20% of the grant after your return to ABU, if you bring the all necessary documents you take at the companies.


  • The university website should be closely monitored for any announcements. In addition, all information and process details regarding the Erasmus+ Exchange Programshould be read and followed carefully.
  • Emails should be monitored to determine the date and time fort he Erasmus+ orientation day. This must be attended.
  • Advice should be sought from the relevant departmental coordinator alongside checking availability of courses.
  • Ensure time is managed effectively and that close contact is kept with the International Programmes Office for each procedural step.
  • Relavant documents should be completed (Application Form, Invitation Letter, Learning Agreement/ Training Agreement, Transcript of Records, Students Paper, Health & travel insurance paper, euro account  ).
  • After  receipt of a Learning Agreement (matching the courses) for the apropriate course, a recognition form should be completed with the supervision of the departmental coordinator.
  • Ensure all documentation has been signed by both ABU and the host university.
  • After receipts of an invitation letter (from the host university) and visa, ABU will produce a grant agreement.
  • An appointment for visa applications should be secured ( start to prepare the neccessary documents). If applying for The Czech Republic, Austria & Denmark appointments should be secured at an earlier date due to the excess processing time required for these countries.
  • Ensure that the grant letter supplied by ABU- IPO is taken for visa facilitation.
  • Information regarding the relevant country and visa applicatiion process should be attained as each country has a different application process; for example, Germany and Italya/ IDATA
  • Passport copies should be  provided once the visa has been acquired..
  • Appropriate insurance policies should be secured.. Check the table below for study and training;



  • Euro bank account should be opened – ABU Works in collaboration with Denizbank – If an account for Money transfers is opened with this bank, financial transfers will not be affected.
  • Ensure that flights have been booked in advance.
  • The host university should be contacted to ensure that accommodation is available. Other erasmus students/groups within the host country should be contacted if extra help is required. .
  • The Online Linguistic Support should be undertaken prior to and after moving. It is available in six languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch).
  • If there are any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact the university about this process.