The InnoRenew CoE hosted Dr. Ayşe Esin Kuleli...


On 20 and 21 May 2019, the InnoRenew CoE and the University of Primorska hosted Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Esin Kuleli from the Antalya Bilim University (ABU) Department of Architecture. 


Dr. Kuleli went to Koper under the Erasmus+ Programme for Staff Teaching Mobility. As a member of ABU’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, she specializes in the conservation of architecture and culturally significant structures. She gave several lectures on methodologies used in assessing cultural heritage sites, phases of preparation of conservation projects and case studies involving her researches at Primorska University.


The titles of her lectures were as follows;


1. "Definition of cultural heritage" (on 20th May - 1 hour).


2. "The phases of conservation projects of historical structures; *Documentation- *Restitution Researches- *Development of Conservation Interventions" (on 20th May - 3 hours).


3. "Measured drawings prepared by Antalya Bilim University’s students within the scope of ARC 262 Recording and Analysis of Historical Structures course"(on 21st May - 2 hours).


4. "Preparation of Conservation Project of St. Nicholas Cathedral built in the 14th Century in Northern Cyprus which was converted to Lala Mustapha Pasha Mosque in the 16th Century." (on 21st May - 2 hours).